Wild Onion Brewery brews a variety of year-round ales and lagers, along with an ever-changing line-up of seasonal beers.  Our philosophy in brewing is firmly grounded with a passion and respect for many of the world-class beer styles that exist in today’s brewing renaissance.

Year Round:

Style: American IPA

A velvety, chewy IPA with the perfect blend of hop bitterness, aroma, and malt body. Centennial and Citra hops give Misfit a pleasantly bitter kick, along with a hint of citrus.

ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 75

Style: Hefe-Weizen

Our revved-up interpretation of a traditional Bavarian Hefeweiss. Banana and clove-like aromas and flavors are a result of using the centuries-old Weihenstephan yeast strain from Munich. German beer drinkers are known to enjoy this style for lunch while staring at the Alps-Prost!

ABV:  6%
IBU: 10

Style: Bohemian Pilsner

A classic Czech-style Pilsner that is crisp, yet malty. Brewed with imported European lager malt and the world- renowned “Noble” hops- Saaz and Tettnang.

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 28

Style: English-style Brown

A wonderfully nutty and smooth drinking English-style brown. The use of lightly roasted malt lends well with our custom-filtered spring water to bring out the richness of imported Maris Otter malt.

ABV:  5.2%
IBU:  25

Style: American Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale is our flagship brand, celebrating hop bitterness and aroma. Dry-hopping with three different varieties in the fermenter gives our Paddy it’s signature hop-forward bite and rich “nose”. Breathe deep the wonderful aromas before taking a sip of this most satisfying session ale.

ABV:  5.6%
IBU:  41

Style: American Dry Hop

A juicy American dry hopped with Mosaic hops for your drinking pleasure.

ABV:  5.4%
IBU:  30

Style: Double IPA

An intense Double IPA brewed for the “hopheads” of the world. This robust ale is so full of malt and hops that you can almost chew on it. Served in a snifter to bring out all of the nuances of malt, hop, and alcohol.

ABV:  8.2%
IBU:  100


Style: Blonde Ale

A smooth single-hopped blonde ale brewed with Centennial hops. Crisp and flavorful. Brewed in collaboration with Brookfield Zoo, who receives 10% for every pint and can. “Pints for a Purpose” helps support the zoo’s ongoing conservation mission.

ABV:  5%
IBU: 20

Style: Spiced American Ale

Celebrate the harvest season with our classic autumnal brew. This crisp ale brewed with spices has hints of pumpkin pie and a rich, malty aroma.

ABV:  5.4%
IBU:  21

Style: Wet Hops IPA

Hops are traditionally harvested at the beginning of September. This wet-hopped IPA is a celebration of our love of fresh-grown hops and our commitment to growing our own each year. Wet-hopping is defined by brewing with freshly-picked hop flowers within 24 hours of harvest. Otis, named after a former member of the Onion Pub team whose spirit lives on in every pint we pour, is full of hop flavor, bitterness, and aroma. Available for a very brief period in September.

ABV:  6.6%
IBU:  82

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

An insanely full-bodied Russian Imperial Stout named after Rocky’s ultimate foe. Brewed with boatloads of roasted malt and Sumatra coffee beans. This big ale will warm the coldest of souls.

ABV:  9.2%
IBU:  55



IBU: 18

Style: Pineapple IPA

Our juicy, hoppy and malty IPA with a hint of pineapple on the finish.

ABV:  6.5%
IBU: 40